Visitor's Center

Visitors can schedule a one-hour docent led tour of the house by appointment. Tours are typically available from October through April. The tour includes the history of the house, its architect and its occupants. Spend additional time hiking the grounds and observe this architectural wonder restored to its grandeur of the 1930s. The house contains educational interpretive displays, period furniture, and vista views of the Valley of the Sun.

Information about the history of water, water conservation, sustainability and best practices is available from the City of Tempe's Water Conservation Program taught at the classroom on the grounds.

Visitor Hours:

The house is available for tours or visits on a limited basis. The classroom may be booked for meetings. Events will be posted in the "News" section and promoted via Facebook and Instagram.
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A contribution of $10 per person is gratefully accepted for those touring the house.

Please contact us if you would like to take a tour or plan an event.